A training game today

Just a quick note:  I’m going to play a game to show a buddy what’s going on with Warhammer.  It’ll be nice because it counts for the campaign. 

The objective?  To lose to him.  That’s right, I want him to beat the tar out of me.  so:  How am I going to do that?

1 Lord Liche Priest 210 Heiratic Jar
1 Battle Standard Bearer 135
Standard of the hidden dead 70
3 Chariots 165 (buried)
3 Chariots 195 FC
30 Archers FC 210
36 Spearmen FC 246
20 Tomb Guard FC 250
3 Necro Knights FC
1 Warsphynx 230
1 Scorpion 85

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One response to “A training game today

  1. Quick note, the points aren’t exact because I’m too lazy, and left my book in the car. I’ll make a few quick revisions when I get to the shop, and get it to 2k ponits, Right now I think I’m at 2016, but I’m not certain on the cost of the banner, or the Jar. (scrolls)

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