Ranting about the state of the game

I didn’t get a chance to play any Warhammer at the shop on Sunday, which is fine, if not a bit dissapointing.  Why start a campaign if people don’t expect to try to get games in.   I did get over to a friends house and get a chance to play his new Logan list.  Essentially it’s Logan Wing, but it’s 3 units of drop-pod dudes with both combi melta, and Combi Plasma, plus Logan in a Godhammer.  Long story short, I nuked one unit, torrented one unit, and tankshocked the last one off the table while grimnar waited forever to come in from reserve.

Now for a quick rant.  I was raise in a really competitive family.  The terms “Practice like you play!” and “On the field, I don’t care if he’s your best friend, hit him in the mouth!” were commonly thrown around by my father, and easy to live by.  The simple fact of the matter in my house-hold was that there was nothing more sacred than competition, and by not competing with every ounce of your soul, you were disrespecting your opponent.

When I was in Idaho, with DaMommasBoyz (Damommasboyz.com), I took the argument that one should always bring his best game, and that no strategy, or tactic, as long as it was legal, was out of the question.  I very quickly was identified as TFG, by the guys who insist on playing a fluffy game, and the guys who play tournament style play wanted nothing to do with me, because I routinely beat them too.  I could only get games from a very small portion of the people simply because I tried to hold every game to a tournament standard.

I took a lot of grief from a lot of people, and I had to do a lot of soul-searching.  Trying to figure out why I couldn’t play my favorite game against all but a small selection of people.  I had to come to a realization.  The way I play the game is fun for me, and I sought to surround myself with people who think just like I do, and I stopped worrying about those who didn’t share my sense of competitiveness.  While I enjoy a good story, I also seek to squeeze every drop from the fruit I’m given, so even in narrative based campaings, I do what I can to win as often as I can.

My best buddy summed it up perfectly at the time.  “Of course I’m playing to win, that’s the point of the game.”  When did that term become such an offensive term.  Oh, don’t play him, he only plays to win…  I’ve never met anyone that plays to lose.  I have met a few people who play for a draw, but that’s a different rant.

So the question is:  Is my way the right way?  No, but I sure as hell have a whole lot more fun my way than anyone elses way.  I guess that’s the lesson at the end of the day.  This great game is a hobby, and it’s a multifaceted hobby.  Take what you love and hold on with both hands, and don’t let anyone try to tell you how you should have fun with your game.



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