Sundayfunday, It’s my Hammyfix!

Going to head out to play some Warhammer at the shop today.  Hoping to get some fantasy, even though it’s mostly 40k that gets played.  Most importantly, I’m hoping to get something that smells like a game of Warhammer Fantasy.  I’m bringing 2 lists because the Campaign lets you do crap like that:

1500 points

Liche Priest L2 Nehekara, Heirophant
Tomb Herald L1 Fire, Ruby Ring (Perks from owning a mage tower)

7 Chariots, st
30 Archers, st
6 Light Cav

1 Warsphinx, Fire Breath
1 Tomb Scorpion
4 Carrion

1 Casket of Souls
1 Heirotitan

This list sets out to take advantage of the fact that I have lots of little spammable spells.  Hopefully I can punish a unit with my Fire-Synergy before running it over with my Chariots, and I can hold up whatever needs to be held up with my war-kitty.

3k List

Liche High Priest l4, Nehek, Heiro
Enkhil’s Khanopi
Tomb King, Chariot, Sword of Anti Heroes, Glittering Scales, Shield, Dragonbane Stone, Other Trixters Shard, Always Strikes First (Campaign Bonus)

Prince, Light armor, Shield
Level 2 Death mage
Level 2 Death Mage, Dispell Scroll

6 Chariots, Full command, Devastating Charge (Campaign Bonus)
6 Light Cav
30 Archers st, mu
20 Archers

1 Warsphinx Firebreath
3 Sepulchural Stalkers
24 Tomb Guard Halbreds

1 Casket of Souls
1 Heirotitan
1 Necrosphinx


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