Campaign, ongoing thoughts

Tomb Kings Ride Again

A new dawn begins


This campaign is going to shape up to be a doozy.

I’m chilling out over on C9 and B9.  With the intent to push that area pretty heavily.  I fully intend to go after the Vampire Counts player in the C7 zone for 2 major reasons, I feel like I have a decided edge against him as a player, and I feel army versus army I have an edge too.

The Orcs army in my vicinity is also a decent player, but I feel like I can run him off the map pretty quickly.  He’s pretty adverse to playing against me, so I think he’s going to give up most of his territory either lightly contested, or wholly uncontested.

I’m happiest about my placement, because I’m farthest away from the Empire player, and the Dwarf Player, both of which love to stand and shoot all day long.  While the random battle-element of the campaign dictate that I should play them a couple of times, there’s no way I’ll be playing them consistently due to my map placement.

The Lizardmen player to my south really plays a mean game, but I feel like  I can take care of him through experience, but it’s only one of 2 things I’m dissapointed with.  The other thing I’m dissapointed with, is the placement of the Chaos player, I have a clear edge over him as a player, and he constructs armies so poorly that I have an edge over him there too.  He needs serious luck to beat me, and even when things do go his way, he’s usually up against too much.

The terrain bonuses that I get on the map are:

Castle:  +1 to deploy, scouts, and go first, but only if you have more castles than your opponent.

Wizards Tower:  One character may know a random spell from the fire lore, and may cast it as a level 1 wizard.  The kinds of dice advantages that I can create with powerdice screams “take advantage of me with the fire-ball ring, and Heirotitan.”

So that’s that.  I’ll post more as play occurs.


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