Long Time Coming

I haven’t updated in a really long time. Ultimately, I don’t need my hammyfix if football is on, and now that the New York Football Giants are world champs, I have some hammy to get fixin’.

As far as what I have in the chute right now:

I have my Space Marines (Emperors Finest, homebrew chapter) that I need to get painted, and maybe even some pictures up here. Perhaps the philosophy.

I have my Dreadfleet I need to get painted, and I also need to homebrew a Skarbrus, because the old one got stolen!

I have my Tomb Kings, which I need to get finished painting, and I need to spend LOTS of money updating. I could probably drop $1k for everything I’d like to do to the army.

I also want to do more bloggity, and maybe even some battle reports vloggity style.

The focus, immediately, will be the Tomb Kings army, and the campaign I’m running in. Along with some musings concerning my army design philosophy.


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