My Arkhan the Black List

Arkhan the Black 360

Tomb Prince 142
Armor of Fortune
Dragonbane Gem
Great Weapon

Tomb Prince 144
Dragon Helm
Light armor
Talisman of Endurance
Great Weapon

Herald 107
Talisman of Preservation

Liche Priest 130
Dispell Scroll

39 Skeleton Warriors HW/SH Mu/St 176
39 Skeleton Warriors HW/SH Mu/St 176
29 Archers 172
45 Skeleton Spearmen La/sh FC 272
5 Light Cav 70
5 Light cav 70
5 Light Cav 70

3 Swarm Bases 120

1 Heirotitan 175
1 Casket of souls 135
2 Screaming Skull Catapults 180

It clocks in at just under 2500

I’ve suggested over, and over, and over, to my friends, and even on here: I feel like I need to sacrifice a unit of chariots early to go after my opponents game breakers. If I sacrifice a unit of chariots, but kill my opponents BSB, I’ve reasoned that it was probably worth it at some point. Same goes with a wizard. Well, this list does the same thing, without the fuss of losing my own models.

The lore of death does 2 things well, it kills characters, and synergizes with the Khemri list very well. Just stay away from Dreadknight, and stay away from Purple sun, and all the rest of the spells are worthwhile in this list.

When using Arkhan in this list, there are a couple of things to remember. You intend to use your dispell scroll to create an oppresive dice advantage early on in the game, so you can store a few dice, and hopefully end up with some 12/5 power dice advantage. Read his items carefully, the book doesn’t add +1 to his levels, it makes him level 5 all the time. Even if he does lose the spells from a mis-cast (not gonna happen often in this list) he’s still pimping a +5 to cast. Couple him with a Heirotitan and you’re at a +6 to +8 to cast all of the spells in your list. Which means you can 2 dice spam a bunch of spells pretty reliably.

The mentality is simple. Early on in the game you spam Arkhans spells to off characters, and then you use that advantage late game to run everything off with Doom and Darkness’d units being barraged by Screaming Skull Catapults.

The Tomb Herald woundsoaks any LOS rolls you botch.

The level 2 liche priest is there to use dice to buff your own units. You figure, rolling 2 dice you should roll 1 of the 1-3 buff spells and one of the 4-6 high spells. Drop the high spell for the movement spell so that you can have a bubble of healing love, along with hopefully the 5+ ward-save, or multiple attacks.

The Light cav have a triple purpose, going after war-machines (if they are able to loldwarfs) becoming sacrificial speedbumps if they need to keep the enemy at length for a few more turns , and chasing down any units that decide to run off once your army starts clicking with the -3 and skulls routine. As the list tightens up, they may add a champion and go to 6 big, (because if you line dance of doom with a champion in front, you get 2 guaranteed rounds out of combat unless your opponent has some sort of additional mechanism for combat res that you don’t know about).

The army isn’t set in stone either. This list just does a bit of everything.

Doom and Darkness plus the Death Mask on a king in a chariot makes for some fun times

Doom and Darkness plus the Herald Nekaph also makes for some fun times

I had a Warsphinx in the list as I was building it as sort of a living shield for the Heirophant… As long as the cannonball doesn’t out-right kill it, the c-ball stops, if the warsphinx makes it into combat, that’s just butter.

Taking Arkhan, and a lvl2 death wizard helps guarantee that the l2 has the purple sun. Throw the l2 on a horse with the scrolls, and you can have a nasty unit lobbing purple suns down your opponents battle-line until the cows come home, or he dies to a horrible IF ‘incedent’


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