sunday, sunday

There are 2 days out of the week I get the opportunity to get my hammyfix in.  I get to play on Sundays, it’s mostly a 40k crowd at the sunday gaming session.  On tuesday, we do a sort of evening fantasy league.  Normally I have to pick one, and skip the other.  This week I get to go to both!  Hooray!

Today I played a competitive game against one of the best players in our area, running a Blood Angels list.  I play ‘nilla Marines, and I’m not very good at them.  I try to use some of the lists as put forward by because, to be honest, that guy only does one thing well, and that’s put together 40k lists.  His lists, though, are designed to table people through efficiency.  I just don’t see them doing very well here against the more solid players of our core group, just because there are certain things I don’t have an answer for with his lists.  That having been said, I probably don’t play them right, but that’s his fault for not making it pretty clear how to play the lists.

I also got an opportunity to play one of our youngbloods.  His father was kind of a dick, acting like me playing the kid was some sort of favor to him.  First off, thank you for being willing to drop your child off to play in the 1000 point game we played, he had a good time and we rolled some dice.  Second off, fuck you for being willing to let some guy you don’t know baby-sit your kid.  He said to me “My son’s tried to teach me how to play, but I just don’t get it”  No, sir.  You just don’t care.  You’d rather drink beers and go fish, or fuck some girl during your obvious mid-life crisis.  Hopefully you don’t ruin the kid on the game..  This game needs more like him, and quite honestly, your kid is #1, if he likes to do it, and he wants you to do it, fucking cynch the belt up and do it.  I don’t give a shit if your 8 year old boy wants to dress up like a girl and serve you tea, he’s in his element and exploring, you sure as shit should play along.

I made a bunch of tactical errors, so the kid would have a good story to tell his dad, I used some assault marines to assault into his terminators, and promptly got wtfpimped.  I tried to put myself into a position so he could wipe me out and win the game, but if he doesn’t want to do it, I can’t make him…(he ran scared with his terminators all game, even though I just hung one of my tac units on an objective begging to be charged and annihiliated.)

In the game I played against the BA player, I felt like I had a good plan, and then the dice just wouldn’t co-operate.  I wanted to crack his transports and kill the shit inside..  The “cracking the transports” part just wasn’t doing the job…  I was pretty pissed.  I usually don’t get mad at 40k but I was livid that I put together a plan that should have at least had a SHOT at winning, and then this guy just shrugs off like 5 melta-gun shots.


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