misguided lists (mgl) to many chiefs, not enough indians

Shamelessly stolen from another forum where I belong, without the authors permission.  This is not to embarass the author, but rather to point out what I think are pretty serious mistakes as far as list building 101 is concerned.  I intend to do this for every list I run across that just screams “lolwut”.   

Here is my first draft of my TK army list. Let me know what you think.

High Queen Khalida

Tomb King- Enchanted shield, Destroyer of Eternities, Dragonbane Gem

Tomb Prince- Shield, CHariot, Dragon Helm, Ironcurse Icon, Gold Sigil Sword

Lich Priest- Hierophant, Lore of Nehekhara, Lvl 2, Earthing Rod, Terrifying Mask of EEE!

Lich Priest- Lore of Nehekhara, Lvl 2, Dispell Scroll

Tomb Herald- BSB, shield, Standard of the Undying Legion Skeleton

Archers x 31

Skeleton Chariots x 5- Full command, Banner of Eternal Flame Skeleton

Warriors x 20- Spears, Lt. Armor

Tomb Guard x 22- Full command

War Sphinx- Fiery Roar Casket of Souls

The plan is to put Khalida in the archers (of course), the Tomb King and Herald in the Tomb Guard unit, the Tomb Prince rides with the chariots. The Lich priests are going to float, by themselves or I might place them in a unit (maybe one in the TG unit with the king and herald).

After looking through the entirety of the list, I see a couple of glaring problems that a Kings list just should not have at 2500 points.

1)  That is quite possibly the fewest number of units i’ve ever seen in 2500 points.  This creates a few unique problems, the fewer units you have, the more devastating, a well played army killer can be to your legions.  So you either need more units, or more magic defense. 

2)  So Many Heroes!  He has so many dudes to lead the army, he has no army to lead!  While one and 2 go hand in hand, the problem is:  When you lose a unit, the loss is catastrophic, because it’s also going to include a bunch of points from the characters you had riding shotgun in the unit.    The problem is this:  Sure the front of the unit wrecks face, but it only kinda wrecks face…  So many heroes out there can be tooled up in such a way so that your King may not even survive long enough to strike!

Not only that, but lets say you get into a grindfest where you are both losing about an even number of models out of the front of each unit, he’s got FAR more units than you, and can flank you, and really take you down a peg or two.

3)  Khalida.  The Break Even point for Khalida is 61 skeletons, 40 is the absolute bear minimum when considering efficiency for points spent.  Bring the skeleton bunker up to that number.

4)  No disruption units.  Tomb Kings armies depend on disruption.  Carrion. Light cav, heavy cav, are all brilliant at dealing with breaking up battle-lines, and preventing charges where the need arises.

5)  No war-machine hunting units.  Apophas is good, Swarms are great, scorpions are meh (they are great if your opponent doesn’t have a cannon), Sepulchre stalkers are amazing if a tad over priced for that role unilaterally, Cavalry is also really good,  Carrion do the job, but are slow to the mark.  To put it lightly, if you want yoru big stuff to survive, you have to deal with his “big stuff killers”

6)  Allowing a Liche Priest to “float around on his own” is not conducive to resisting crumbling by turn 2.

Sadly, one of the things I’d like to do with this article is to direct the player in a way to help tighten up the list.   It’s sad, because I honestly don’t think this list can be tightened up.  The entire philosophy of the list needs to be re-thought before any directive advice can be given.


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