rules rant

Spend enough time browsing any sort of media dedicated to our favorite hobby, and you’ll start to run into some crazy shit.  Mis-interpretations of the rules, mis-remembering of the rules, or sometims just flat out cheating.

Perhaps you’ll remember the White Dwarf in which Cruddace himself healed his own unit of skeletons who were in combat using the Signature spell for the Nehek lore?  That seems to be expressedly forbidden (pending FAQ)

The latest White Dwarf, the new Ushabti wielding Bows are declared to be “capable of stand-and-shooting with fearsome strength 6 bows”  Wait, what?  Tomb Kings may only ever hold! has some great debates in their “You make da call” section, but about 50% of the time, the interpretation of the rules is over the top-retarded.  A few guys will get it stuck in their craw, that they are right, and then they never come off their high-horse, even when they are blatantly wrong.’s fearless leader normally manages to get the rules right when considering 40k, but when he cocks up fantasy, the absolute shit he manages to spin is detrimental to society the same way white Michael Jackson was detrimental to any boys under the age 15.    Furthermore, many of his game-winning tactics depend on a rather, interesting, dictionary-is-the-word-of-god-interpretations of said rules.

Then on the majority of the “race only boards” there’s always a fan-boy or two who try to make the obligatory our army is stronger, because of my loose interpretation of the rules type arguement.  Take Khalida for example from the forums.  There are 300+ posts dedicated to whether or not she has My Will Be Done.  It’s not in her special rules, but she counts as a king, and all kings have MWBD.  Huge Debate.  While it seems rather clear, that GW wanted her not to have MWBD, and instead wanted the Blessing of Asaph to be what they replaced it with..

So we see all this bullshit being churned by the internet community.  So my question is this:  What is all this rules cock-mastery for?  Why do we insist on a loose rules interpretation, or perhaps a more favorable rules interpretation than what is normally pretty cut-and-dried in the book?  Why do we look for these amazing loop-holes to win a game in one turn, rather than try to slowly build up a win over 4 or 5 turns?  I hope it’s not just because you think winning is the only important thing.  The win is a good thing, to be sure, but you’re seriously going to argue something as inane as:  Look a d6 was removed, therefore it can’t have a natural roll, even though the natural roll of the d6 was a 6 before it was removed, the act of removing it negates the “natural roll standard”?  Fuck you pal.  This is a game, suck it up.  (this argument actually exists over on Dakk2 right now.



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