tomb kings 1500 bringing the hammer

I have a typical chaos opponent who runs with a 15 man bunker unit of Tizz warriors, a unit of Knights, a caster-type character with the puppet (LDO) a unit of marauder horsemen, and then he spices it up with other stuff.

I’ve tried a monster mash list (Necrosphynx, and a warsphynx)  I’ve tried a balanced list, and I’ve been obliterated each time.  Let’s see how this one does.

1 High Priest lvl 4, with the Opal Ammy 220

1 Ramhotep 120

30 Archers 180

29 Spearmen, St, Mu, Light Armor 194

29 Tomb Guard, Full command, Banner of the Undying Leigon 399!

4 Necronights 260

1 Casket of Souls 135

8 points over.  My opponent will deal with it.



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