no vaul! no!

Well, guess the fat lady has sung.  VaulSC is one of my favorite vloggers when it comes to WHFB.  He was my hammyfix for the week.  I intend to try to get at least one post per day, but this guy could hold me over for a week.

Sadly, Vaul is moving on.  He’s got some Chaos, or some Skaven or some Empire he wants to play instead, which is fine, if point and click is his thing, I’ll let him have it.

What I found interesting about my choice to play Brettonians (which I sold off about a year ago, but am contemplating doing a 1 box per paycheck method until I have 2500 points again… *sigh*) was that my Khemri play lost almost all of its credibility.  When the Bretts first came out, they were the *new* broken army, and people just had no idea how to deal with them.  Even a sound battle-plan wasn’t against the Bretts was a dicey proposition.  At the end of a year-long run for the lady, I had people begging me to go back to play my Tomb Kings.  They thought that by playing my new army, I must automatically suck at the old army.  Truth be told, playing my Bretts made me a better player.  I didn’t win a tournament until I applied the things I learned from my knights army to my recently un-dead army.

I eventually want to start Vlogging also.  Guess I’ll have to expidite that because there’s now a giant void on the youtubes where VaulSC used to post.



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